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The Kimono Ladies Street Dance
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Thursday, 15 May 2008
Kimono Ladies
 Isn't it so refreshing to have amazing displays of culture right on your doorstep...

One day after school, while I was living and teaching in Takaoka, Japan, I decided to go to the second hand store on the way home, and buy myself a keyboard. I was determined to use my time in Japan wisely, and practice what piano skills my 8 years of lessons had given me. I had been eyeing one up for the last few weeks, and decided to take the plunge and buy it. Using the little Japanese I had picked up in the few months or so I had been in Japan, I managed to haggle it down to about ¥10,000 (about £50, or $100), a good price I thought. I left the store feeling pretty happy with myself and hopped on the bus with my new prize (second hand but it was new to me). I got off at my stop, and walked the rest of my journey home. As I turned into my street I witness about 50 middle aged women, dressed up in Kimono's, prancing up and down to traditional Japanese music. I thought to myself, "wow, this is amazing, this must be a sign. What a coincidence that on the same day I buy my keyboard, I find these ladies having some kind of special dance on my street. I must make something of this occasion, by practicing on my keyboard and becoming great on it." 

Kimono Dancers

It never happened. The keyboard ended up being more of an ornament than a well used instrument, but it looked good. However, I did end up using it for the Christmas concert, as I performed with the brass band. I practiced with it all the time up until then.

Kimono Dancers
Anyway, watching the dancers was quite a nice site. They asked if I wanted to join in. I refused the offer. It turned out that the street that I lived on was some kind of ancient traditional street (I dont know what that means), and the ladies did this every year. I should have asked what it was about, but hey...I didn't.

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 Sy  - I love it |05-18-2008 16:01:18
I would love to see stuff like that. Here in sunny London, it would end up in
some kind of riot and is at times safer to watch it on the TV!

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