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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Question: How can you find a sense of self identity when you are always looking to others to fulfil you?

Last week I read two news articles which bothered me enough to write about them. The first came from the Ghanaian Times stating that nearly 7,000 Ghanaians have won the US Visa lottery in the last two years, with another 17,000 expected in the next two years.

"More than 4,000 Ghanaians have, this year, been issued with resident visas to the United States of America under the US Diversity Visa Lottery.

Another 7,000 Ghanaians have won the lottery for next year's programme, but a little less than that figure is expected to be issued visas to the US since not all the 7,000 may pass the interview and qualification process.
" Modern

Now, I see nothing wrong with people wanting to better their lives, so individuals wanted to go abroad to do so is fine. However, 24,000 of Ghana's best and brightest leaving the country to benefit another's economy must surely be a cause for concern for Ghana's government, and others who are concerned with the countries development. Now I say the best and brightest, because only those who can prove themselves to be worthy enough to enter will be granted permission. But are those people not needed to better the economy of Ghana? Are there enough bright hard working, intelligent people in Ghana to go around that we can spare 24,000 of our best to go somewhere else. If this was the case then wouldn't Ghana be in a much better situation financially and economically than the country where all these men and women are going? I'm not saying that Ghana should ban or forbid participation in the Visa lottery, but they could at least give incentives for the citizens to stay in Ghana.

The second piece of news came from the BBC and stated that Rwanda had now opted to teach English instead of French in their schools.

"Rwanda's cabinet has decided that all education will be taught in English instead of French.

Officially the Rwandan decision is a result of joining the English-speaking East African Community" BBC

What's wrong with choosing an African language to learn? Isn't it strange that in most of the African countries, the official languages are European? Let's flip it round and think what it would be like if the official language of the UK was Twi, or the official language of France was Wolof, or the official Language of Spain was Fang. It seems that the remnants of the colonial times are still alive and kicking. Yes by all means learn the other languages, that's invaluable, but they should hold their own, Kinyarwanda, above the other foreign languages.

My rant will soon be over, but before I end, I must say that I find it extremely annoying that many of the African countries are still pandering to the countries of the West, despite the fact that so little good (in comparison to the bad that has and still is going on) has come out from the relationship. It's like the crazy x-girlfriend or x-boyfriend you broke up with ages ago, but your still sleeping with them.

I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to stop sending our best and brightest out of our countries, and hold our own languages in higher esteem than that of non-African Languages.

End Rant. Begin Disclaimer: It may seem slightly hypocritical that I, someone who classes himself as African has spent most of his life in Western Countries, and can hardly speak his own African Language, but that's beside the point {cough cough}.

[Source: Picture of Africa from In The World]

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