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What is Timeless?
Thursday, 31 January 2008


Something so important, so revolutionary, so life changing, so inspirational, so beautiful, so true, so meaningful that it transcends the confines of time.

As part of my course, I am forced to read a ridiculous amount of books. Some of them fall under the above categories and some don't. For those that do, I would like to share my experience of discovering that knowledge with you.

I will not restrict the reviews to merely literary artifacts however, but will extend it to films, music and art, which I feel can be classed under the category of "Timeless."

It would be great to get your opinion, so feel free to contribute.

Image courtesy of 3Planesoft

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 Sherxr |02-01-2008 06:48:19
I like the pic of the watch mechanism. Always very fascinated by one.
K |02-05-2008 21:46:47

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